Dan Welden: Works On Paper

As the original  pioneer of alternative printmaking since 1970, Dan Welden has been in the forefront  of ‘health and safety’ in the arts.  As co-author of ‘PRINTMAKING IN THE SUN’ and director of Hampton Editions, Ltd., his 50 plus years of collaboration include artists such as Willem de Kooning, Eric Fischl, Kiki Smith, and Dan Flavin.  He has received international recognition through his residencies in China, Belgium, Cuba, Peru New Zealand, Australia and other countries.   


Dan Welden is a painter, teacher, author and Master Printmaker. Welden is the originator of the non-toxic printmaking technology called Solarplate which has revolutionized the process. 


While a printmaker, which suggests multiples, many of his pieces are originals.  Starting with his print, Welden adds graphite and paint to create what he calls Unique Hybrid Impressions.  It is not only his technical expertise that makes Welden’s work spectacular, however; it is his imagery.  Welden’s works are whimsical abstractions that flow across the paper with a lightness and a sense of space that we can all get lost in.  
With 102 solo exhibitions to date, including the paramount exhibitor at the Cape Cod Museum of Art and travels to 54 countries on all seven continents, he was awarded a ‘lifetime achievement award’ from A/E Foundation in New York; a title of Professor Emeritus from Escuela de Bellas Artes in Cusco, Peru and most recently a Pollock/Krasner Foundation Grant. 




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