a spoon to dark matter

Dark matter cannot be seen but can be measured to make up almost 85 percent of our universe just as our subconscious isn’t visible but plays a significant role in the development of our character. Our subconscious is the dark matter to what we think, how we feel, and what we do. 


This new series of work by artist, Alison Hixon, explores the ongoing invisible persuasions and hidden variables that make us who we are. Selected works for her one-woman show “a spoon to dark matter” invites the viewer to look deep within and explore the rotating undercurrents of each moment. This vulnerable and heartfelt exhibit will give you the opportunity to taste the unknown parts, ideas, and mechanisms that drive you to be you. 


Alison Hixon is a self-taught artist whose work features a range of surreal illustrations and stained-glass. Her visual work is a colorful commentary on her journey through life which channel themes of self-identity, sexuality, coming of age and the emotional turmoils of being a woman. 




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