Pham Kieu Phuc

Pham Kieu Phuc

Born in 1970, Pham Kieu Phuc is the founder of Module 7, a renowned interior design firm in Hanoi known for its fusion of traditional Vietnamese craftsmanship and modern design principles. Her innovative work earned her the prestigious "Asian Selection" Award in 2015 for the Innovative Craft category. In 2018, she relocated to Hoi An, the cultural heartland of Vietnam, to delve into diverse creative endeavors, including writing and collage-making. 




Since 2016, I have been working on this art series in Hanoi. It began as a meditative practice where I found peace in tearing "Dó" paper, known as poonah paper, into small uniform pieces. One evening, it felt as if an unseen force guided my hand as I drew silhouettes of a monk and the outlines of pagodas on hundreds of these paper fragments. These miniature drawings have journeyed with me through various relocations and changes, safeguarded like precious gems in my personal treasure trove.


My initial collage attempts fell short of the depth I was striving for. It wasn't until recently that I made the connections between all the elements I had been searching for - the life lessons, the stillness amidst chaos - that I was able to pick up where I left off and infuse my newfound insights into the first layer of collage I created years ago. It is in this process that the unconscious mind transcends the subconscious and permeates my conscious being. Embracing vulnerability and comprehending impermanence, I've watched the inner turmoil rise and then settle, allowing me to recognize and see the things that have always been close to my heart but previously invisible to me.

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